About Helmsman

HelmsmanĀ® Economics is dedicated to the analysis of economic and financial market behaviour from the perspective of history.

The organising thought behind the research is that economic and financial activity are group phenomena. Groups are subject to the same natural laws of coherence as living organisms. They therefore learn through their interaction with the social, economic and political environments, they experience rhythmic fluctuations, and they exhibit recurring archetypal patterns.

Major inflexions in economic and financial market indices occur in specific time windows and at the end of specific patterns.  It is the interaction of time and pattern that allows current developments to be placed quite precisely within the flow of history. It therefore also facilitates the accurate forecasting of future developments. 

One inference is that financial traumas can accurately be anticipated. Some, like that of 2000-02, are embedded in the rhythm of the 54-year Kondratyev price cycle. Others, such as that of 2008-09, reflect the influence of a 35-year socio-economic cycle.

The rhythms of equity traumas