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The Law of Vibration

The Law of Vibration

Ordered behaviour in financial markets and in economic activity is underwritten by a specific behavioural pattern. This pattern - which seems to have known about in antiquity - reflects a learning process, activated by information shocks. It is deeply connected to the dynamics of change and evolution. The pattern was used with extraordinary success by the financial market trader William D. Gann, who then hid it in his best known book. The pattern is now made available for others to research and use.


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Forecasting Financial Markets

Forecasting Financial Markets

A seminal work that explains the influence of collective psychology on economic activity and financial market  behaviour. Uncertainty about the outcome of decisions encourages the formation of supportive psychological groupings and the homogenisation of beliefs about the future. The resulting order expresses itself in trends, patterns and rhythms in economic activity and in asset prices. These phenomena, which are often disregraded by economists, have long been accepted by technical analysts.


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About Tony Plummer

Tony Plummer is the proprietor of Helmsman® Economics and a Fellow of the Society of Technical Analysts. He was until recently a Visiting Professorial Fellow in Economics at Queen Mary, University of London.  He is a former director of Hambros Bank Ltd, of Hambros Fund Management Plc, and of Rhombus Research Ltd. He has a Masters degree in economics from the London School of Economics and an Honours degree in economics from the University of Kent.

Tony worked in financial markets from 1976 until his decision to retire from professional trading in December 1999. The retail investment funds for which he had responsibility returned long-term first quartile performances and attracted numerous industry awards.

Tony now specialises in strategic economic and financial market analysis, and writes and lectures on group behaviour and trading competencies. He has a four-year training in Core Process Psychotherapy, and is a qualified NLP practitioner.


Some of Wiliam Gann's insights, reported in my book "The Law of Vibration", have been converted to practical trading tools by Market Analyst Software. Mr. Gann's Pattern of Vibration, and his support/resistance levels within the Triple Octave, are now available free of charge to subscribers to the Market Analyst. For more information, click on the MA logo:

I was recently interviewed by Alex Spiroglou, on behalf of the Market Technicians Association. The interview may be accessed on the MTA website by clicking here.